“I have been using NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel for one year. During this time, I have found the gel to be effective and soothing when applied to a minor burn”


Debs NZ Pure Colloidal Silver is the best!!! I’ve used it on my daughter since she was born. She is now 2 and a half and nappy rash doesn’t stand a chance with this miracle gel. It’s so much better than traditional creams, ointments or gels. Works faster, without the nasty chemicals.

My whole family uses it for everything skin related.

I cannot recommend it enough!

It has repaired damaged skin like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve had many bike accidents and removed a lot of skin over the years and I’m always amazed at how quickly they heal using the gel, and no infections.

Everybody should have a big supply of Deb’s gel on hand for all skin irritations, abrasions, burns, scrapes and scratches. Get a bottle and try it for yourself.

Thanks Deb, you have a lifelong customer with me.


I use NZ Pure Colloidal Silver on myself and my son. My son got really bad sunburn and also suffers from eczema. The Colloidal Silver was so soothing and healing on his sunburn and reduced the swelling within a day of using it. His eczema has cleared up, and being in wheelchair he gets pressure points. I also use Colloidal Silver when I see a pressure mark starting.

I use the gel on his face for beard rash and acne, as well as on my face for spots and marks.

I highly recommend NZ Pure Colloidal Silver. It is now my “go to” in my medical cupboard.


For years I’ve suffered agonizing rashes and itching from eczema. Nothing the doctors prescribed or no recommended over the counter creams helped me. At best, the itching eased for all of ten minutes, at worse the itching seemed to burn and intensify. I had resigned myself to thinking this would be my cross to bear for the rest of my life. Then my friend Deborah told me about an amazing product she had developed - NZ Pure Colloidal Silver. Of course, I was a bit sceptical simply because I had tried so many different so called solutions and none had worked. She sent me a sample gel and spray. Within 3 weeks the rash began to clear and I rarely itch now. If I feel the itch coming on I dab on a little gel and massage the affected area.

After I wash my face, I use the spray on my face and neck. It leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. I simply love NZ Pure Colloidal Silver and highly recommend it.


Thank you Deborah for introducing me to this great produce NZ Pure Colloidal Silver Gel. I had cold sores and within a day of applying the gel the cold sores started to disappear.

My Grandson had a scab on his head. I used the Colloidal Spray on the scab and it started to heal very quickly.


A friend of mine has cancer spots on her hands. The prescription creams she was using were not clearing them up and they looked very angry. I gave her some NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel to use on them. Within 2 days there was a remarkable improvement.


I have used Debbie’s NZ Pure Colloidal Silver for over 5 years now and it has helped my skin complaint hugely. I have an area of irritated and itchy skin and the colloidal settles it down immediately. Highly recommend NZ Pure Colloidal Silver.


I have found NZ Pure Colloidal Silver simply amazing for many reasons. It is perfect for me on my skin to heal any sores, sunburn and acne.

I use the gel on my face every morning before applying my makeup as it keeps my skin healthy and looking fresh.

I take the liquid regularly as a daily supplement to stay healthy.

I use NZ Pure Colloidal Silver spray and gel on my horse and animals for abrasions and illness because it’s a natural antibiotic and heals quickly,

I just love this product. I thoroughly recommend NZ Pure Colloidal Silver.


This product really works!


I have tried many things on my cold sores and nothing worked as fast as using NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel. Within 2 days the healing was incredible. After 4 days the cold sore had gone.


I had chicken pox for the first time at 21 years old. I used NZ Pure Colloidal Silver spray and gel on my spots and they healed almost overnight. The itching stopped quickly with the inflammation settling within hours. I put the gel on every few hours. It soothed my skin instantly.


I hit my thumb with a hammer extremely hard. I expected to lose my nail and have bruising. However the pain was quickly relieved once I used NZ Pure Colloidal Silver spray. By the next morning there was no sign of injury. I only sprayed my thumb once with NZ Pure Colloidal Silver.


The farm trough water the cows had been drinking from had been back flushing into the house water supply. I contracted Jardia. After taking NZ Pure Colloidal Silver every few hours I recovered by morning.


I have always suffered from acne and many products had left my skin dry and flaky and spots were a daily problem. After using NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel my skin stopped flaking and spots were a thing of the past. I now us NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel daily and my skin has never been better.


I am an Electrician and often get infect skin around my fingernails. After taking NZ Pure Colloidal Silver tonic and using the gel all infections have stopped.


I was in the wood shed on the farm and was bitten by a white tail spider. I had recently been give NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel sample so put some on a band aid over the bite. It soothed almost instantly and was healed by morning.



I found NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel to be amazing on my grazes, I get while gardening.


I had severe burns from putting petrol on a rubbish pile. My skin on my face, arms and stomach were so bad the skin was peeling off before my eyes. The hospital bandaged my wounds but left part of my face with just the gauze on. I sprayed NZ Pure Colloidal Silver every half hour and within days new skin was forming. The spray stopped the pain and relieved the heart on my skin. Within a week I had new skin and no scarring. The skin on my stomach and arm that the hospital bandaged, once taken off, was scarred.


My 3 young children had developed sores on their backs and face, which my wife and I thought to be a bad reaction to eczema which they often suffer from. We tried doctors’ medicines for weeks and nothing was helping. We moved house and the landlady gave us some NZ Pure Colloidal Silver spray and gel. Within days my children stopped itching and the scabs dried up and fell off leaving new skin and no scarring. It was incredible.


My 2 daughters Piper and Paige contracted chicken pox and my friend gave me some NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel. My daughters were lining up every few hours for more gel to put on. The inflammation and itching stopped very quickly. Within days they were healed and had no scarring.


I have had Acne most of my life, that is until I started using NZ Pure Colloidal Silver gel daily. My skin has never looked better and many say I look younger



I purchased 5 litres of NZ Pure Colloidal Silver to administer to my 6 horses that all had bad colds.

Over the period of 7 days I gave them all 60mls twice daily by syringe over the tongue, using a spray bottle I also administered up their noses.

After 7 days there was no sign of colds or any discharge. I now use NZ Pure Colloidal Silver on a daily basis and am confident it keeps my horses in good health.

I have been a thoroughbred trainer for 30 years and find NZ Pure Colloidal Silver to be a great aid in keeping my horses clean from viruses that can be picked up easily.

Yvonne Ellen:

What can I say about Colloidal Silver?
It turned Sjogrens Syndrome around for me? An auto-immune disease brought about by massive doses of antibiotics which crashed my immune system, so it went rogue, turned on the body, attacking the salivatory glands, and resulted in my being constantly dehydrated.

The medical profession’s answer to this is to put the patients on immune suppressors. What a great idea. Stop the immune system from doing its job. Along with some other horrible drugs with equally horrible side effects. I looked up the Sjogrens forums and these patients are really suffering and going through hell every day. There was no way I was taking their regime.

This was a nightmare to live with. And now I do not have to. Colloidal Silver killed the fungal infection the antibiotics had set up, enabling my immune system to get on with its role in the body’s system.

Deborah has been amazing. Kept me going when I was down and getting side infections from Sjogrens. I used her Colloidal Silver gel on a badly infected finger. Cleared up in no time. Always have it in the house now.
I broke a molar and after the dentist rebuilt it, I got an infection under it. Dentist wanted to take it out. By that time I had put my back out so badly, (immune system needs rebuilding) that I was in agony. Couldn’t move, do anything. This took five weeks to sort out.

So, impossible to sit in a dentist’s chair, and the infection was so bad my jaw was locked and I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough for my dentist, who is fantastic, to get in there. Nothing for it but to turn to Colloidal Silver. 50ml daily for three days and rubbed the gel on my gum and tooth. Infection gone within a week and I still have that tooth today. Not even a smidgen of sensitivity.

Did my skin turn blue from constant use of CS? What a lot of rubbish. The medical profession will go to any lengths to destroy the alternative health industry. Thank you so much Deborah for manufacturing the Colloidal Silver, coming into my life and giving so much of yourself, and your constant support of me.

Yvonne Ellen

Rachel Johnstone

Our family have been using the NZ Pure Colloidal Silver products for several years now and we absolutely swear by them. The gel is the very first thing we reach for when there are any cuts, scrapes, rashes, bites or burns - it's a little first aid kit in a bottle.The liquid is our go-to if anyone feels like they are coming down with anything - colds,sore throats,sore ears/eyes or bugs. In our experience many things seem to heal faster when we use colloidal silver. Debbie is passionate about providing the best possible quality silver, which makes it a wonderful gift to pass on to others as well.

Rachel Johnstone,
Te Puna,