Colloidal Silver Liquid and Spray

NZ Pure Colloidal Silver Liquid and Spray.
99.999% pure silver suspended in 5 times purified water that has a very high oxygen content. Colloidal Silver supports the body’s immune system and natural defences, for natural healing. NZ Pure Colloidal Silver particles have a negative electrical charge. The negative charge is helpful in supporting the body’s natural immune response. Some manufacturers make silver without the negative charge, ie metallic silver. This is about 1000 times less effective than NZ Pure Colloidal Silver.

Dose NZ Pure Colloidal Silver Liquid.
Take 15 mls 3 times per day for 4 days first thing in morning, lunch time and last thing at night. Don’t eat or drink 10 minutes after taking. Swirl around mouth for approximately 30 seconds then swallow. This allows best absorption through the tiny vessels under the tongue into the blood stream and onwards to the body’s cells.

Day 5 – 15 mls first thing in morning, as a dietary supplement will help maintain good health/build immunity.

Flu and Illness:
Adults – Drink 50 mls when you feel your immunity is under challenge then 10mls every few hours until well.

Children – half dose

Babies 10 mls immediately then same as children

Amounts are only a guide. Colloidal Silver is a natural dietary supplement. Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins from the body.

Always use a plastic or glass measure, as metal will affect the negative charge on the silver particles.

May be used, by drops, to eyes or ears. Taken daily will help the body’s natural immunity to fight off illness. Swirl around mouth to keep gums/mouth healthy.

Do not store Colloidal Silver in the fridge or near a magnetic source, as both of these can affect the negative charge on the silver particles. Store away from direct sunlight. Store in cupboard is the best.

NZ Pure Colloidal Silver has been independently laboratory tested to ensure the best quality

1ML = 4 SPRAY SHOT approximately

Easy application for external use on burns, cuts, grazes, eczema, skin infections etc. Instant cooling and healing.