How to use Colloidal Silver

Note: Always use a plastic spoon when taking Colloidal Silver

NZ Pure Colloidal Silver

Made from 99.999% pure silver with NZ Pure super oxygenated water. This water is typically 100 times more pure than filtered mineral or spring water. It contains permanently suspended positively charged silver particles. Oxygenated water opens pores allowing the skin to respire properly.

When cells become infected with bacterium they lose a negative electron and become positively charged. The negative Colloidal Silver particles are then attracted to infected cells.

These particles will adhere to the sulfhydryl groups on the cell walls and disables bacteria while leaving the healthy tissue cell unaffected, hence preventing the growth and proliferation of disease causing organism.

LETHAL to over 650 disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds.

Conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are effective against 6 to 7 types of bacteria.

Historical quote:

“Those born with a silver spoon in their mouth”

In the 1400’s the Kings, sultans and the “Well to do” ate off pure silver utensils and drank from silver goblets.

Daily contact with silver through their eating habits ingested silver small amounts through their body. Many a Noble was spared the Black Plague. The historical term “Blue Blood” was the result of ingested tarnished silver particles unable to pass through the body leaving silver deposits under the skin


Liquid – first 4 days:

Take 15 mls 3 times per day for 4 days first thing in the morning, before lunch and last thing at night. Swirl around the mouth for 30 seconds then swallow. This allows best absorption through the tiny vessels under the tongue into the bloodstream and onwards to the body’s cells.

Do not eat or drink for 10 mins after taking.

Day 5: 15 mls in the morning, thereafter as a dietary supplement to help maintain good health.

NZ Pure can also be used in an eye dropper for the eyes and ears. A couple of drops in either eye or ear 3 times per day.

NZ Pure Spray: Use on any skin condition to help fight infection, soothe and revitalise. Spray is also great for wounds that prefer not to be touched.

Eg – burns, use as often as required.

NZ Pure for Animals: When unwell give 10 mls small/medium animals, 60 mls large animals eg horse, un diluted, in a small dish or spray NZ Pure directly into their mouth 3 times per day until well. Do not let them eat or drink for 10 minutes after taking. 1ml = 4 spray shot. To maintain good health put 5-30mls in fresh water daily.

NOTE: These amounts are a guide only and NZ Pure can be used alongside other treatments and is non-toxic. Do not put in fish tanks or septic tanks

Always use a plastic utensil for measuring. Store away from direct sunlight, in a cool spot.


Use as an alternative to antibiotic, antiviral and fungal products

NZ Pure Colloidal Silver taken as a dietary supplement daily will help build your natural immunity.

Hundreds of health disorders have been documented in medical journals as being successfully healed by taking or applying Colloidal Silver, some examples:

Acne/eczema                 Spider Bites

Bad breath                      Inflamed Cuticles

Bladder Infection          Inflamed eczema

Body Piercings               Mouth Ulcers

Burns & Sunburn            Nasal Congestion

Cold sores                       root canal

Coughs & Colds             Skin Infections

Chicken Pox                    Skin Cancer

Cuts & Grazes                Throat Infections

Stings & Bites                 Thrush

Haemorrhoids                Urinary Infections


Replace disinfects and deodorises:

Rubbish bins                   Smelly shoes

Animal dirt box              Kitty litter

Kills fungi on plants

Add liquid to plants to promote healthy

Growth and help stop root rot.

Natures Antibiotic

NZ Pure Colloidal Silver