Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

Available in Daily tonics, super spray and Gel
Colloidal silver is a natural healer

Who needs it? One and all including animals.

How do you know you are getting the best “potion” available on today’s market?

CS is made from NZ’s purest water with 99.99% pure silver ions/silver particles suspended in solution. No impurities or additives are in our potion so only pure silver is the result. Potions made from mineral water, Kaimai, bore or any other water than the purest will result in an ineffective silver compound. Some tap waters used can result in nitrate acids and other nasties.

We have taken extreme care to provide the best quality product ion Colloidal silver that can be made by modern day state of the Art Technology.

How do we know it really works?

Ever heard of one been born with a silver spoon in mouth? This saying came about back in 1492 when the black plague hit England. The only ones to survive were the wealthy upper class. As they ate from pure silver plates with pure silver utensils, they were protected by the presence of pure silver from disease etc


Silver has been noted for years to attract itself to impurities and has the abilities of a broad spectrum antiseptic come antibiotic plus.

CS has proven itself over centuries and latest laboratory results, testimonials, research all available by request.

If your or someone you know needs help for external or internal health problems you can’t go wrong with CS tonic, spray or gel.

GEL – has outstanding properties to heal skin externally, try our $10 tester pot.

Very affordable products safe for all including animals

Cow Weaner scours be prepared with CS. Horse injuries spray easily applied. Humans, animals, any area, no sting, easy application

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