New Zealand Pure Colloidal Silver Uses

New Zealand Pure Colloidal Silver Uses:


Aids recovery from colds, flu, pneumonia, respiratory infections and viruses.

  • Take 50mls Liquid then 1-2 tsp every few hours until well.
  • Place in mouth under the tongue and swirl 30secs.
  •  Start early to help avert full blown illness.

Sore and strep throat, mouth ulcers, gum infections, root canal, bad breath.

  • Gargle Liquid 50mls for 30 secs, then swallow. Repeat 20mls 3 times per day until well.

Nasal Infections:

  • Spray or use several drops or more as needed in each nostril every few hours.

Urinary tract infections:

  • Oral dose is 50mls then 20mls taken 3 times daily. Most users report noticeable improvement within 2-3 days, with the infection generally gone in 3-5 days.

Thrush Yeast Infections:

  • Oral dose 50mls then 20mls 3 times per day until resolved. Spray the area every few hours then apply gel liberally to soothe and help stop itch.


  • Take 1 tsp, under tongue swirl then swallow , every few hours for first day. Then 15 mls twice per day as dietary supplement. The liquid can be added to suspected water when travelling or camping. 50ml to 1 Lt of water.

Infected Skin:

  • Saturate cotton pad and hold on the inffected skin area for 6 mins. E.g. acne, bites, stings, cuts, grazes, razor nicks, rashes, burns.

Severe Skin injuries:

  • Burns, open skin injuries, spray liberally and do this to keep the area wet for 6 minutes.
  •  Do this as often as required to soothe and encourage fast healing. Start early to avoid scarring.
  • Where possible put CS Spray or Liquid on a pad and wrap around wound to seal pad on injury. Bandage over top. Change daily .Start using the gel when the skin healed over.

Eyes and Ears:

  • Can be used in an eye dropper for ear and eye infections. eg pink eye or conjunctivitis. A few drops every few hours.

Nappy rash, Chicken pox, measles:

  • Spray liberally in skin and clean nappy area. Apply gel often to help fast recovery.

Smelly shoes, athletes foot, fungi, itchy skin between toes.

  • Spray liberally then apply the gel to the infected area. Apply twice daily.

Fingernails and inflamed cuticles.

  • Rub gel into fingernail area 3 times per day

Hair conditioner, dandruff:

  • Spray in wet or dry hair a couple of times per day. Rub gel onto hands and scrunch through hair.


  • The Gel can be used on or under makeup, as it is invisible. You can apply it often during the day.
  • You can also hold a saturated cotton pad with the liquid against the affected area for 6 minutes, and then apply the gel.

Spray around toilet seats, bowls, tile floors, sinks, door knobs, refrigerators

Persistent odours

  • Kitty litter, pet urine, musty areas, rubbish containers. Spray liberally a few times. Spray pet bedding and let dry. This can be done daily.


Nasa are currently testing Colloidal silver instead of chlorine in the water tanks of the space craft. Recently an astronaut wore underpants that had silver in them, for one month, without growing bacteria. The silver acted as a deodoriser