How to get the best out of Colloidal Silver

How to get the best out of Colloidal Silver

CS – Board spectrum Antiseptic with qualities plus of Antibiotics


Have on its own, first thing in morning. Longer shelf life if kept out of direct sunlight

It is important to hold in mouth as long as possible so the CS can be sub lingual absorbed (through the skin beneath the tongue). This absorption increases CS effectiveness enormously. Don’t eat or drink straight away after taking CS.

When introducing oneself to CS Adults take 15 mls 3 times per day for first four days, then once per day as a regular daily tonic.

Children need only take 1 tsp twice per day for first four days, then 1 tsp thereafter.

Drink plenty of fresh water to flush your body of toxins

CS secreted through body by lymph nodes and bowels.

You can’t overdose on Colloidal Silver as it is a non toxic element.

If you are Allergic to Silver do not take.

If you are taking frequent doses due to illness and feel mild aches and sluggish, you need to drink more water to keep up with toxin elimination.

Flu or similar coming on, take 50ml CS liquid to start then 1 tblsp every couple of hours, hold in your mouth as long as possible (at least 30 seconds)

Spray Tonic: Keep it in your pocket and spray your tongue a few times every hour to seriously kick the Flu.

Mouth Ulcers, gum infections, bad breath etc, and rinse tonic in your mouth for a couple of minutes, 3 times per day.

Gargle for sore throats.

Burns – Spray tonic or put daily tonic on cotton wool and dab on wound. Less contact if sprayed.

Gel – Cooling and soothing while sealing the wound. Use as often as required.

Colloidal Silver is used in every burns unit in North America.

Itches – Anywhere, spray or gel it.

Skin problems – Spray or gel on any area, internally or externally.

Scrapes – grazes etc, spray tonic or use gel to seal wound. Use every couple of hours. The Gel keeps cold at room temperature and has a great cooling effect.